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Brilliant Dog Walker  

"Zee is friendly, reliable and honest. She always caters for my dogs needs and he looks forward to seeing her every week."


Google.com Business Review March 2021


Highly Recommended

"Very flexible and always ready to step up if you need her short notice. Completely dependable, I've used Leads The Way over two years now and she has never let us down. Both dogs adore being walked by her...they get so excited as soon as they hear her park up outside."


Yell,com 5th March 2021



Best Walkies in Ipswich

"I have used Leads The Way Dog Walking since I got my rescue girlie Angel. She goes out twice a week with Zee and whenever I am away. Zee is amazingly flexible to our needs and I know Angel is being cared for and loved. Zee is very trust worthy and I would recommend her services.

Yell.com  15th March 2021


A Professional, Quality Driven Dog Care Service

"Our belief for force free, science based dog care drives
our passion for enriched dog lives" - Zee

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About Our Services

As a professional business, we offer a full-range of services to make sure your pooch is well cared for.  If there’s something specific your dog needs that isn’t below, feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss.

Group Walks

Is your dog a social butterfly, do they enjoy bounding around with like minded doggies or do they just enjoy the company of a slower pace of sniffy friends. Our groups walks are carefully pieced together with dogs who are of a similar energy, size, confidence, age and temperaments. Our groups are small and well manged to give your pooch the best time.

Socialization Walks

Is your dog in need of some social confidence building? Do they need more time to get to know their friends? Our Social Walks are very small groups, with at least one well socialised dog, to offer your less confident dog a chance to build a friendship before perhaps moving onto a bigger group and more energetic friends.  

Reactive Dog Walks

Is your dog fearful of the outside world? Are they worried by cars, strangers or other dogs? Do you worry that you won't find someone you can trust who will understand their quirks and keep them safe at the same time? Our carefully crafted solo walks are designed around your dogs' triggers and needs, to make sure they are safe, whilst still letting them enjoy being outside. 

Solo Dog Walks - 1 to 1 

Does your dog need more specialist 1 to 1 care, do they have any on-going injury or just need to be walked on their own. Our dedicated team has the time commit their skills to walking your pup and giving them the attention they need.  

Home Visits  

Do you need a shorter visit for your dog rather than a walk? Then a home visit is just the ticket! We offer a 20mins visit for your dog, were we will ensure that have time to go the toilet and stretch their legs. Perhaps they are recovering from surgery and only need a post-op check on whilst they are recovering. This would be ideal to give them the chance to move about without too much excitement. and give you peace for mind that they have been attended to but won't over do it.

Companion Walk

Have you lost your confidence walking your dog? Have you recently had a set back physically or mentally, which now makes you hesitant to walk alone? We can help. We offer a Companion Walk where we will walk with you, keep you company and perhaps help handling your dog, when things get difficult. 

We also offer.....

Cat Visits

Do you have a different kind of four legged friend at home? We also offer cat visits as part of our extensive range. If you have a Kitty Kat at home and you are planning a vacation, but would rather they stayed at home, we can pop in twice a day (morning/evening) to let in/out (if necessary), feed and clear out the litter tray, and you will  receive pictures of the antics they get up to.

Small Animal Visits

It's hard to find someone to look after your exotic, other types of small furies or unusual pets, we can help by offering visits whilst you are away. We will ensure they have all they need each day and keep you informed with pictures of what they get up to. 

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